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KRAV-labelled foods & BIODIVERSITY

Scientists around the world are warning about a dramatic decrease in biodiversity. This can have serious consequences for the balance of nature and for people.

One third of the food we eat requires pollination by bumble bees, bees and other insects. What will happen depends on how we manage the Earth’s resources. Organic crops can make a positive contribution to increasing biodiversity. Organic farms have on average 30% more species of plants, birds and pollinators. By purchasing KRAV-labelled foods you can contribute to increased biodiversity.

Biodiversity means that there are many plant and animal species, but there is much more to it than that. It also means that there is genetic variation within these species and a variety of habitats within an area. Diversity makes nature’s ecosystems more resilient. When the ecosystems are in balance, they provide a range of services that people depend on.

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