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From 15th October to 15th November 45 producers will display their products at a “Flavours of Greece” shelf in five ICA stores across Greater Stockholm and for the same period 5 wineries will add their wines to 5 restos/bistros in Stockholm.

The Greek producers that are participating at this monthly event, range from artisan producers of unique products to large scale manufacturers with global distribution. A large portion of these suppliers provide organic products, adding even more to the products attractiveness. The products range from highest quality traditional and PDO products, to innovative award-winning news.

Professionals in supply chain, category and private label management as well as buyers and product developers are cordially invited to visit all the above locations and grasp the opportunity to Discover and Buy high quality products, where some do not yet exist on the Nordic market.


  • Are you retailer/importer/wholesaler/distributor interested in Organic or Conventional to Artisan, Awarded and/or Innovative Greek products?
  • Would you like to meet-up with our producers and taste new flavours and products that could add value to your existing portfolio?
  • You could even make a difference by being the first buyer who will introduce them in the market? Can you afford to miss that chance?

In order to receive samples and discuss distribution opportunities with our Greek suppliers, please browse through our B2B store, look at the products and request samples and more information.

Once we receive your request we’ll get in touch with the producers, inform them about your interest and send you over the samples.

Make sure you don’t miss that chance by browsing thought our B2B Store today!

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