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Company Profile

Rising out of the Macedonian heartland of northern Greece in 2018, Agrophoenix is a new company whose story starts over five decades ago with the establishment of Kronos SA, a leader in canned fruit industry and shareholder at Agrophoenix.

A new company with deep roots in the industry and the vision to change agriculture and processing to a more sustainable and efficient model.

From the orchards, to product development, to producing and delivering a continuous supply of premium and tailor-made products, our team is here to fulfill your requirements.

Why Us

  1. Competitive Advantage

Agrophoenix has a juice concentrate plant where we pack purees and concentrates (peach, apricot, pear, plum, apple etc). That means that raw material for the stand-up smoothies are packed in-house and we are only outsourcing the raw materials we don’t have in Greece (i.e. banana for instance). The cost benefit for that compared to other producers world wide is significant.

Moreover, the line we have installed is of a new technology, very efficient and automatic.

  1. Recipies for Smoothies

Our recipes have been built with the mindset of taking advantage of Greek raw materials/purees that we pack in our own plant plus one ingredient that is considered to be a super food in order to add value in the final product and differentiate from competition. That kind of ingredients is the aronia, sea-buckthorn, pomegranate, plum and carrot. 

  1. Sustainability

Flexible packaging sector together with our filling machine manufacturer have developed a recyclable pouch from mono-material. That means that our line can support production of mono-material pouches. Not at the very beginning since it has just started becoming available on industrial production but very soon we will be able to do that. This will mean 100% recyclable packaging.

Certifications & Awards


– FSSC 22000

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