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Company Profile

Our Philosophy

Our business has as its main concern the monitoring and adaptation of new trends in nutrition, with natural products of high nutritional value, which fully meet the needs of the modern consumer and maintain their purity in order to benefit the body and the quality of life in general.

Apart from the production of our own olive groves, we choose carefully and responsibly producers with whom we will work together, so as to ensure the excellent quality of our products.

With respect to the consumer, we constantly strive to control and improve our product quality assurance systems.

Every year, schools and universities visit our facilities in which children are informed about the action of our company and other environmental and healthy nutrition issues.

All who work at Amvrelia, are oriented to restore the natural production methods in cooperation with modern means resulting in the creation of natural products with high nutritional value and without the slightest addition of preservatives or chemicals .

Our Innovation

In the past few years we have noticed that, in global scale, there have been many attempts to conserve and protect the environment, a thing that affects directly the field of agricultural cultivation.

Everyday, sensitised consumers demand that healthier products without chemicals and preservatives become a thing in their diet.

Based on the consumer’s demand for healthy eating and without aiming for quick profit, we choose to use traditional and healthy ways of processing and maintaining our products.

Our olives remain sealed and airtight in barrels so as to mature and so that we have complete control of our products’ traceability. We maintain our products 100% naturally, without the slightest chemical process which would cause the reduction of the price and time that the olive would naturally need to mature, but it would also downgrade the quality and nutritional value of our products. On our attempt to seek healthier ways of packaging which would help the maintenance of our products’ quality and purity, we offer to our consumers PET & glass packaging with our products, which packagings are NOT PASTEURISED thus retaining all the nutrients of the olive.


Our products are 100% natural, they contain no trace of chemical elements, pigment and preservatives. All processes, harvesting, and processing, of olives, do not burden the environment and are made naturally.

Natural excitement for a short period of time is one of the main reasons that our olives retain all the nutrients and are rich in polyphenols and retain a largely natural taste.

The ingredients we use for olive maintenance are of natural origin. That is, we use wine vinegar, organic lemons, organic Oregano and Sea Salt.

The packaging we use is plastic pet packaging, and glass packaging which are in the category of the most easily recyclable materials. All glass packaging is not pasteurized in order to keep the nutrients of olives unchanged.

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 22000
  2. HACCP
  3. EU Organic Certification



Why Us

A History of Tradition and Taste 

The history of our company and the Kontodima family begins in 1960, when the growers collected their production by simple means, but with care and respect for nature and its products. Wanting to share our love for natural products, we created in 2016 AMVRELIA KONTODIMAS, the first Greek company to process the unique variety of  KONSERVOLIA ARTAS.

We create products uniquely, without the addition of any preservatives or chemical substances. The exhalation of olive groves is carried out in a small depth and in a natural way maintaining their bitterness which, as we know, is intertwined with high levels in polyphenols

We only use natural ingredients: Lemon, Sea Salt, Wine Vinegar and Oregano. Our Olives mature for a long time with natural methods to make them delicious, aromatic, and rich in polyphenols.

We with each packaging of AMVRELIA, transfer you all the tradition, experience, taste and rich nutrients of the unique variety of ARTAS KONSERVOLIA, which already belongs to the Products of Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) of the European Union.

Our olive groves are located in a dominant area of olive cultivation, which considers the olive tree sacred, while it is famous for its ideal climatic conditions and excellent natural environment. At the same time, we are working for their immediate conversion into organic olive groves, while we are the first Greek company to be certified and praised by ELGO –DIMITRA for the fact that our Company’s products are 100% Greek.

Vision and Aims

Our vision is to become the first choice of consumer in olive products.

At the same time, we want to make it more widely known the unique variety of KONSERVOLIA ARTAS (P.G.I.), which existed since 1993, and our company made it available first and branded to the market.

Our main objective is to act responsibly and with respect to the beings and the environment, by adapting our business to the requirements of the times.

We also strive to recognize the highly certified quality of our products from the consumer, as the combination of traditional methods of production and harvesting, by modern technological means, are a guarantee for the best and most qualitative result of our products.


Our company created in 2016 its new high tech facilities for the processing and standardization of the olive fruit, health and safety of our products. We are able to produce a variety of products of variety  KONSERVOLIA ARTAS      and KALAMATA olives such as whole edible, detonated, stuffed, shredded and as paste    (olive pate).    We package our products in glass jars and in  pet Jars packs of various sizes and in various stages of maturation, such as green, blonde and black.

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