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Company Profile

Annie’s gourmet popcorn is a Greek company. It was created by Anna Maria Constantakis and her three daughters Georgia the pastry chef, Maria and Katherine.

 Anna Maria was born in Canada a country where pop-corn is a daily snack.

Her childhood memories inspired her to bring her personal experience in Greece and with passion she produces gourmet pop-corn with caramel, cocoa, cinnamon, Agave and more. Flavors that are favored and well known in the market.

Why Us

Annie’s Gourmet popcorn produces, packages and distributes throughout Greece. It’s a company with high standards and high sense of responsibility to the consumer. The raw materials we use are carefully selected by the best producers and suppliers on the market.

Our purpose of our company is to consolidate its position and claim a place in the market of quality snacks.

Having as criteria the steady and consistent quality in what we produce, we are sure that we will be at the top of gourmet products in the domestic and international market in the near future. Our concern is to work hard to satisfy our partners and the consumers.

Certifications & Awards

ISO 22000 in 2005 ( food safety management system)

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