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Company Profile

We are  Kyveli and Vivi,  and founded ARRITOS HERBAL BLENDS with the desire to resurrect tradition and its adaptation to today’s tastes. Our love and admiration for the Greek herbs have created an innovative company whose goal is to create tasty herbal beverages and blends with multiple uses and help them travel internationally.

We compose blends of organic herbs, flowers and fruits exclusively from the Greek land, inspired by experiences of the Greek nature and memories of our tradition. Each blend has a different character and its own aromatic and taste identity. They combined, not only based on their properties, but also based on their taste and aromas, so that they can be a very pleasant drink and not just a beneficial one. Leaves and flowers are whole and almost uncut, because in this way they offer, a refined taste and aromatic result and a pleasant appearance.

The different product lines we have are addressed to

  • grocery stores and delicatessens,
  • restaurants and cafe in Ho.Re.Ca packaging
  • concept stores, with our innovative product.

We created a different way of serving. That is ready-made and handmade pouches from pure unpainted and unbleached cotton,  the traditional “tsantila”, with multiple uses in the past,  that contains a portion of herbal blend. An idea that connects tradition with the modern way of life.

Our herbal blends are:

  • 100% from Greek cultivations and native seeds (We cooperate with certificated organic herbs cultivators allover Greece depending on the place, the microclimate, the field. Greece presents many deferent kinds of microclimates. Each one of them gives a variety of local herbs with a wide range of tastes and aromas)
  • Organic farming
  • In eco-friendly packaging (plastic-free, toxic-free, recyclable and compostable)
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Sugar free
  • GMO free
  • Completely natural
  • With No artificial ingredients

Not just a herbal tea!

  • Arritos have been taking care of the blends to be equally refreshing in cold brew way of serving
  • Our herbal blends are ideal for infusion in milk or plant-based milk for an alternative healthy drink!
  • Some of them are 100% edible so they can be used in creative recipes
  • Greek herbs consist an indispensable part of your tradition
  • Our vision is to enter them into the modern gastronomy and travel them worldwide.

‘Arritos’ knowledge is alternatively the experience; a feeling that cannot be described in words.

 ‘Arritos’ is a notion that you have to live and feel with all your senses so to completely understand it.

Why Us

   ‘Arritos’ is a women-owned  brand that creates

  • Blends only from organic Greek herbs
  • Unique combinations based not only on the beneficial properties but also on the pleasant taste and aromas
  • Products with eco-friendly packaging (plastic-free, toxic-free, recyclable and compostable)
  • Blends not just for herbal tea but also for other creative uses
  • Our products enclose every hidden corner of Greek nature

Certifications & Awards


– ISO 22000


– BRONZE AWARD 2021 Specialist Awards – Gourmet Exhibition (YOUTHFUL JOY  COTOON CONCEPT)
– BRONZE AWARD 2021 Specialist Awards – Gourmet Exhibition (SUNNY MOMENTS  LOOSE)

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