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Our Name: Ascra or Askre was a town in ancient Boeotia which is best known today as the home of the poet Hesiod. It was located upon Mount Helicon, five miles west of Thespiae. According to a lost poetic Atthis by one Hegesinous, a maiden by the name of Ascra lay with Poseidon and bore a son Oeoclus who, together with the Aloadae, founded the town named for his mother.
The olive tree has been growing in many parts of Greece since ancient times (e.g. Plato’s Olive Tree in Colonos – Athens).
In our homeland Askra, olive trees have been also cultivated since a long time ago.
Our olive tree cultivar is called Megaritiki, an exceptional species in yield and quality.

Values: Knowledge, experience, values ​​of innovation, dignity, focus on mans needs, but most of all our productive section is unique and ecofriendly.
ASKRA Olive Oil in Greece is committed to pursue a growth path, always driven by the supply of high quality products and services to the consumer.

Our Goal: Coming from a family with strong ties to olive oil and its trade, lymperis estate was founded in order to cover the whole procedure: from cultivating our olive trees to extraction with modern, ecofriendly procedures and bottling this top quality product, here in our birthplace, the homeland of muses.
Being the fourth generation, we decided to continue cultivating the family olive trees and upgrade the past family resources by using the most modern olive mill equipment, aiming at extracting olive oil in its best form.
Our goal is to preserve all the natural elements of the olive and produce an olive oil rich in polyphenols and nutrients. Therefore, we have chosen to plant more than 4000 new olive trees the last 3 years along with the cultivation of our existing olive groves, all with the most natural methods. Our state of art olive press and facilities (1300 square meters) enables us to pursue this mission.

Quality & Production: ASKRA The Valley of Muses focuses on both safety and quality across a whole supply chain from the farm to the end consumers table.

Why Us

ASKRA The Valley of Muses focuses on both safety and quality across a whole supply chain from the farm to the end consumers table.

ASKRA tastes olive oil every year with highly experienced testers and really choose the best to make ASKRA Olive Oil.

In the selection process, two stages of analysis must be passed so that olive oil is extraordinary.If there is one thing that ASKRA is particularly proud of, this is the extraordinary quality of its olive oil. Today, rigorous quality standards are applied at each stage of the production process.

Certifications & Awards

– ISO 22000:2018
– ISO   9001:2015

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