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Company Profile

Astarti Co. – The company

Our company Astarti Co. is based on the island of Kythera-Greece and has been involved in organic farming since 1992 when Harry Tzortzopoulos, on completion of his studies in agriculture, returned to his forefathers’ island to take over the family olive groves.  Since Astarti’s establishment in 2001, the company has been involved in the production, packaging and trading of organic and traditional Kytherian products.

Astarti’s goals and philosophy are:                       

  • The promotion of organic farming on the island of Kythera.
  • The processing and development of local produce.
  • The marketing of high quality products (of limited production) of the Kytherian land to consumers in Greece and overseas.
  • The promotion of environmental awareness and active participation in the protection of the Kytherian land.

The Style & Symbol of Astarti

According to various historical sources, it appears that the worship of the goddess of love, Ishtar, had its origin in Ancient Phoenicia. Due to the strong commercial relations and the resulting political affiliations developing amongst the various Mediterranean cultures the worship of the Phoenicians’ Astarti (Ishtar) gradually moved to the Southern coast and certain islands of the South-East Mediterranean basin (Cyprus, Crete, Kythera, Mylos), each place adapting similar names and rituals.
Kythera worshipped the Goddess as Astarti-Aphrodite (Aphrodite meaning she who has arisen from the froth of the seas) but with the passing of time the name of Aphrodite as upheld and she was worshipped as Goddess of platonic love.
The symbol of the company Astarti is the symbol of the fruit of the olive tree in Linear B script.

Astarti today

  • Produces from the field direct to the store shelf and trades only top quality traditional organic products.
  • Produces goods according to domestic market demands with capability for exporting.
  • Has earned international recognition in relation to its organic olive oil and today exports 65% of production.
  • Is extending into new products and services and is developing relationships in accordance with fair trade practices.
  • Promotes organic agriculture with respect to the environment within which it operates.

Astarti products

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil – Astarti Exclusive, Astarti Exclusive Premium and Astarti Blend.
  • Renowned Kytherian thyme honey
  • Wild unrefined handpicked sea salt, from the island’s shores – 2 different types.
  • Organic double backed whole grain dry bread(rusks/biscuits) – 4 different types.

Why Us

For the truth that lays behind our products.

Astarti’s wild sea salt, is collected by hand from inaccessible, more wild and dangerous sea shores of Kythera island, where there are no natural salt pits and the production follows the real rhythms of nature, so the quantities produced are very limited.
On the rocks and under the sun, the product acquires special flavors and appeals to more demanding palates looking for the authenticity and the truth of things.
Astarti Co. has long termed this procedure of production as “sea salt hunting ©”.

Certifications & Awards


Since May 2013, Astarti Co. has been established in its new bottling and packaging plan in St. Elias – Potamos (North Kythera). The whole project is a result of synergy and cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Potamos. The facilities are controlled and certified under ISO 22000:2005 and Organic Certification according to European Regulation (EC) 834/2007.

All private owned Astarti fields and olive groves are certified organic under European Regulation (EC) 834/2007 as well.


Astarti Co. has been well recognized for its organic olive oil products, here are some.

– Gold award from the Specialties Awards 2021 – Astarti Organic Olive oil Rusks
– Silver award from the Specialties Awards 2021 – Astarti Kytherian Thyme honey
– Listed in the Greek Food Success Stories catalogue (Athens 2015)
– Silver medal for Astarti in Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2012 (USA), Astarti Exclusive has won the Silver medal in the category of medium fruity, division of Greece-islands, mono cultivar (Koroneiki). Note that there was no Gold award presented in this division.
– Quality Award “Gastronomos 2011”. The renowned Greek cooking magazine “Gastronomos” of the daily newspaper Kathimerini, in one night revealed a different Greece by awarding producers, processors, retailers, associations, cooperatives, people with passion, enthusiasm and vision of producing agricultural products with high nutritional value.
– Best packaging Prize “Flavours & Life 2010” – Athens 2010. Another recognition for the serious work of Astarti, winning the prize by public vote for the best product packaging during the exhibition “Flavours & Life”, which was held in Zappeio on 08-11 April 2010.
– Premio International BIOL, Italy, 2009. Awarding of Astarti Exclusive – Tzortzopoulos Estate by DIO Organization for participation in the 14th International Competition of organic olive oil Premio International Biol 2009
– The Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world in competition, which took place on 22-24 April 2009 in Italy.
Ecofestival 2009, Athens, Greece  –  Second prize, Astarti Exclusive – Tzortzopoulos Estate, second prize for the packaging and presentation for the Bonito bottle  (500ml) presented for the first time in the Ecofestival 2009 (November 2009, Athens – Greece)
– Italian catalogue Premiobiol 2008 – A recognition to the best organic olive oils of the world (June 2008 Bari, Italy).
Olive oil & olive Festival May 2008, Athens, Greece – Bronze Medal, Astarti Exclusive – Tzortzopoulos Estate Bronze medal for Taste in the 1st competition for Greek Extra Virgin Olive oils, during the 2nd Olive Oil & Olive Festival 2008 organized by the European Network of Regional Development (8-11 May 2008 Athens, Greece).
– Italian catalogue L’Extravergine 2007 – A Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil in the World, a recognition to the best producers of extra virgin olive oil in all the world (published by Cucina & Vini Editrice and edited by Marco Oreggia).
– Italian catalogue Premiobiol 2006 – A recognition to the best organic olive oils of the world (June 2006 Bari, Italy).
World Ethnic Food Show 2006, Paris,  France – Gold Medal, Astarti Exclusive – Tzortzopoulos Estate, Gold medal in the World Ethnic Food Show 2006, Category Fruity – Small Producers, Medaille d’or: Astarti présenté par Propositions Gourmandes Helléniques Greece (June 2006 Paris, France)
EcoFestival 2006, Athens, Greece – Second Prize, Second prize for packaging and presentation (250ml bottle) in EcoFestival 2006 (November 2006,  Athens – Greece)

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