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Aulida or Aulis in ancient Greek is a small city located in Euboea which according to the myth, was the place to which Agamemnon’s fleet set sail for Troy. Aulis is a family owned company, founded by Konstantinos Tasias and Marina Κorlou, two individuals which share the love for a healthy diet based upon the value and wisdom of tradition and the goods that their land generously offers, such as olives and olive oil.

Aulis company is located in Euboea and its main activity is the production and standardization of extra virgin olive oil with Manufacturing capacity of 120 tons per year. Aulis is a recognized Greek Olive Oil bottle company by the Ministry of Agriculture under the code EL 40 710 and meets all the requirements of HACCP, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005. Combining tradition with innovation, Aulis has installed a nitrogen equipment to its facility. As a result, Aulis olive oil preserves all the organoleptic characteristics both during storage as well as during the bottling stage while machinery contributes to its fast and accurate standardization.

The packaging of Aulis olive oil has been created with purpose to bring the uniqueness that Greek nature offers. Having simplicity as its main characteristic, it was designed in such way to ensure the preservance of the original ingredients of olive oil but also to identify its color. The colors used in the wrap of the bottle highlight the Greek element and also the coastal area of Aulida, which is full of olive groves.

The deer, is the sacred animal of Artemis and has been chosen to lead us on a qualitative journey, full of flavors and memories, the path to Greek taste.

The SKU is in glass Bottles of 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.) & 250 ml (8.4 fl. oz) but there is also the capability of production in other containers.

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 22000
  3. HACCP
  4. FDA

Why Us

Health claim
Olive oil holds the main stage of the Mediterranean diet and in ancient times our ancestors were aware of its value. In fact, Homer characterized olive oil as “gold liquid”, while Hippocrates recognized its healing properties.
The Olives, from which olive oil is derived are traditionally grown in the Mediterranean, with Greece being consistently one of the countries with the largest production of olive oil.

Olive oil or in other words gold liquid:

  1. Improves the absorption of vitamins
  2. Controls cholesterol
  3. Protects from heart diseases
  4. Works against peptic ulcer
  5. Helps the function of liver and bile
  6. Delays the ageing of our body

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