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Company Profile

BeeWell was established in 2014 with the aim of continuing and further evolving the age-old tradition of nomadic beekeeping on the island of Evia, by placing our bee hives in areas with rich and varied flowering plants.

BeeWell is a small scale endeavour of the two beekeepers Voula and Orestis aimed to be kept a family managed and run home business. This operation is the only means to keep everything under our control and devotion to the highest possible quality on all of our products.

Our respect for the bee and human values led us to use mild organic practices with the least possible manipulation of the hives, resulting in the production of natural, unprocessed, bee products of high nutritional value and taste, without any artificial flavouring or chemicals.

Our love for the nature and beekeeping led to the discovery of little known spots of unparalleled natural beauty on our home island. We also found out that each year’s harvest is pleasantly different from the previous one’s.

Evia island is the base of our operation, which due to its mountainous terrain and its location in the center of the Aegean sea, constitutes a botanical heaven with 1824 different recorded varieties of flora many of which thrive only in this part of the world. Evia is a scaled-down version of Greece, with its northern part covered with lush pine, fir and oak forests and its southern part covered with extended areas of wild herbs such as thyme, oregano, sage, heather and arbutus.

In this rich nature, our bees collect pollen and produce high quality honey, fresh bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

Beekeeping is the focus of BeeWell, we ensure the yearly cycle of our bees and the harvesting of all their treasures. This is all done in accreditation of BIO certification from TUV Austria Hellas to ensure our best practices and procedures. Regarding packing, bottling and packaging are handled by our selected partner(s) following all EU regulations.

Certifications & Awards


The richness of our land and our effort to harvest it in the best possible way has been proven again and again in our entries in tasting awards, most notable the Great Taste Awards. All of our entries since we started competing have been awarded with at least one star, up to our distinction for our Anise and Fennel Honey among 12.700 as one of 17 best products to receive the Golden Fork 2019! These continuous distinctions have happily managed to class us as a Great Taste Producer.


  1.  EU Organic Certification

Why Us

  1. BeeWell is a small family company, supporting the local economy along creating jobs.
  2. Our bees are the basic pollinator of nature, both fruits, vegetables as well as wild plants.
  3. BeeWell is part of a new project (Save The Bees) of maintaining biodiversity through sponsoring beehives, (
  4. We keep live the traditional nomadic beekeeping in a sustainable and respective way to our beehives.
  5. We actively participate in scientific researches on the advantages of honey on human health.
  6. BeeWell educates new beekeepers on organic and sustainable practices regarding both bees and humans. In Addition, we have kickstarted a local union for organic food producers with the aim of helping on promoting their products, sustainable practices, outward-looking approach, collectiveness, etc.
  7. We strive to educate also consumers on the benefits of raw unfiltered honey as a natural food source, it’s benefits on health, how to avoid industrialised honey and fake honey of low dietary and health value.
  8. BeeWell promotes the original and traditional Greek tastes of mountains and sea that blesses the island of Evia. These tastes have been awarded on the most prestigious tasting competitions winning the highest possible distinctions. Our last top award was the Golden Fork from 2019 Great Taste Awards for our Anise and Fennel Honey.

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