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Company Profile

Cecrops specializes in the production of premium quality extra virgin olive oil and early harvest extra virgin olive oil.
We strictly follow the requirements and standards that make our products be of the highest quality.
Thus, we make sure that the acidity of our olive oil is well below (usually between 0,3 and 0,35) the 0,8 limit that is the defined measurement for all extra virgin olive oils.
In practical terms, what this means is that Cecrops’ extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the unparalleled taste and aroma that it transfuses to foods, also strengthens our overall wellbeing.
It is worth mentioning that polyphenols, the substance contained in olive oil that shields our immune system, as has been proven by many credible scientific sources, help us battle a wide range of diseases (cardiac diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.) and it is recommended that a dose of 25 g. (2 tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil should be consumed daily.
The supreme quality of our extra virgin olive oils is the culmination of an effort that started many years ago, instilled by our philosophy to use solely organic methods and techniques, not only for the cultivation of our olive trees, but throughout the production process.
Our dedication to produce and deliver supreme quality extra virgin olive oil also guides our methods of standardization, bottling, storage and transportation of our products, aiming always to bring to our customers pure, clean, and intact products, wherever in the world our customers may be.
Cecrops is all about supreme quality. Our concentrated production is closely monitored in every step, which enables us to produce, year after year, extra virgin olive oil that is defined by its clean, organic production, its supreme quality, and its signature taste. This is what we strive to deliver to our customers.
Respecting our history, nature, and the people that we work with or deliver our products to, we offer only the best of our production. Always eager to improve, meet new people, and offer our products to all of you, the food connoisseurs and olive oil enthusiasts.
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Why Us

Pondering on whether customers and associates will choose wisely, were they to decide to purchase from or collaborate with Cecrops, gives us the opportunity to discuss the reasons that drive and define our efforts all these years.

Our reasons…

The supreme quality of our extra virgin olive oil has great benefits for our lives:

  • Helps our general wellbeing
  • Strengthens our body and our mind

We cultivate our trees in our land; a land whose history is interwoven with the cultivation of olive trees.
We possess the distinguished experience that has been passed down to us from our ancestors.
We utilize technology in order to produce the optimal products.
We are a certified extra virgin olive oil producer, in accordance with the highest and strictest international standards.
We employ solely organic methods and techniques for our olive trees, throughout the cultivation and production process.
We are a small, vertically integrated company, having complete control over every aspect of our business: from the cultivation of the trees, up to, and including, the distribution of the final products.
We prioritize quality over quantity, striving for a fully controlled and monitored production of extra virgin olive oil.
We, the people that make Cecrops, are involved in every aspect of our business. It is our belief in an ethical business model that defines our operations and collaborations.
We are always there for our customers’ needs.
We ensure that our extra virgin olive oil will be stored, transported and delivered under optimal conditions, so that Cecrops’ products will retain their unique quality and taste, wherever they may reach.
We have obtained the approval of the Greeks, the harshest and strictest olive oil judges.
We continually expand our satisfied and returning customers list.
The incomparable, signature Cecrops taste is addictive!
We are the first to value the quality of our extra virgin olive oil.

Certifications & Awards


Food Safety System Certification 22000
FSSC 22000
ISO 22000:2018
ISO/TS 22002-1:2009


– Japanese Olive Oil Prize (JOOP) 2021 – Silver Metal,
Category: Olive Oil Quality
– Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards (GOOA) 2021 – Bronze Metal,
Category: Olive Oil Quality

– EVOO Stars by Berlin GOOA 2021 – One Star,
Category: Design & Packaging

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