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We established Chios Gardens S.A. in 2010 and created a state-of-the-art processing plant, because we believed strongly in the islanders of Chios and their centuries-old experience in cultivating and processing citrus fruit. At the time, this was the largest investment in the juice industry in Greece. We fully renovated a historic landmark of the island: the factory owned by the Chandris shipping company since 1963, which was processing fine citrus fruit intended for its world-renowned cruise ships travelling to US and Australia. Later, when travel to US and Australia switched from ships to airplanes, the Chandris family donated the factory to the Chios Citrus Growers Cooperative. Today, Chios Gardens continues to uphold the timeless talent of the islanders to produce exceptional products that travel the world.

Chios Gardens are juices with a name for both quality and a labor of love. Because our trees and our “workhands” are in our Kambos. At our production plant in the heart of the island, we gather all the fruit that the land of Chios yields each year. And, if any extra fruit is needed to quench your thirst, it is carefully selected one by one from the pick of the crop of the best farmers from all over Greece. Our goal is to always provide quality fruit with the unique flavor and aroma associated with our brand name!

The fertile soil of Chios is our most valuable asset and yields fruit on its own terms. We will take only as much fruit as it gives us, because we give priority to the sustainability of our island’s producers. When the fruit leaves the trees, it reaches our factory: an ultra-modern, integrated production plant including both juicing and processing-packaging units. In the first unit, we receive the fruit, select the best and proceed immediately to juicing to ensure the freshness of the fruit. Here, the derivatives are separated; the essential oil, juice and pulp of the fruit are exclusively a product of our process.

Next, the juice is transferred, in aseptic bags, either to the concentration unit or the pasteurized juice aseptic filling unit, depending on the type of product we want to produce (natural juices from-concentrate or not-from-concentrate or fruit drinks) and then it is stored into our coolers. After that, these same aseptic bags are transferred to the aseptic packaging unit for the final processing; pasteurization and packaging. The unit operates with the guarantee of Τetra Pak® aseptic technology. The same high standards apply to the production and packaging of our soft drinks (in PET and glass bottles), which takes place in an external certified plant.

We operate with respect for consumers, the environment and our partners.

We share the fruits of our effort with the local community and the wider Greek community.

We fittingly represent modern Greek production and entrepreneurship in every corner of the world.

Certifications & Awards


Chios Gardens “Low!” Fruit Drink assortment is already awarded in the Healthy Diet Awards 2020 contest receiving the Bronze & Silver medals in Cold Beverages & Light Beverages categories respectively.


  1. ISO 22000
  2. BRC
  3. IFS
  4. HACCP
  5. FDA

Why Us

  1. We are not bottlers. We select, pick and squeeze fruits from our owned gardens or from selected and contracted farmers.
  2. We squeeze only the best fruit. We monitor the crop on a weekly basis and we don’t collect fruits not yet within accepted sweetness range. We do not collect rotten fruits already fallen from trees.
  3. We squeeze only fruit from Chios & Valencia variety which are the most juicy, sweet, colorful and high vitamin varieties.
  4. We squeeze only the volume we need. Our OJ comes only from current season’s crop so our Consumers to always enjoy a freshly squeezed product, regardless if NFC, FC or FD.
  5. We choose to pack our juice in the most reliable ultra-modern Tetra Gemina® aseptic packaging as it is used for high valued dairy and juice products all over the world. This great packaging can preserve any liquid product up to 12M and in temperatures up to 100°C without any deterioration of color, vitamins, aroma and aftertaste. It is also a matter of great business importance that Tetra Gemina® packaging provides high cost savings for counterparts because of its dry transportation and warehousing ability.
  6. We claim we have the best Artwork and pack design globally, one that can successfully trigger Consumers to initially purchase our Juices. Then our quality and taste will keep them loyal.

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