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Company Profile

Counting Over 90 years of operation , our company Elaion Odoi undoubtedly stars i n t he f ield of production and marketing of olive oil, having a strong presence t hroughout Greece and abroad .

We are t he only company i n all of Northern Greece t hat operates successfully i n all stages of production , from t he collection of olives to the standardization and marketing of olive oil, ensuring in each of t hem t he maximum quality thanks to our state – of – the – art facility and organic and ISO certifications we have.

This “standard’ process that we follow in combination with the excellent raw material that we choose each time from our olive groves, could not fail to end up with final products of excellent quality.

Our dedication to maintaining this quality and the continuous development we seek, results in our only extra virgin olive oil and many more products, which are the number one choice of the consumer public during all your operating years.

Why Us

We are a vertical production unit of extra virgin olive oil in Northern Greece.

We pay great attention to our product, our services, our customers and we strive for the best result.

The quality of the olive oil is excellent and every year we are evaluated by the certified organizations of ISO.

Certifications & Awards


– Berlin GOOA: quality award :bronze, packaging award : 1 star
– Canada IOOC 2021: quality award : Bronze, packaging award : silver
– London IOOC 2021: quality award : silver, packaging : silver
– Athens IOOC 2021: quality award : silver

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