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Company Profile

EPSA is the oldest soft drinks industry in Greece. The history dates back to 1924, when there was a surplus of lemons in the geographical area of Pelion. Observing a sales increase of traditional lemonade by peddlers, the owners of EPSA set the goal to create a factory that produces Soft Drinks. A German Chemical Engineer was invited to assist with the production of lemonade. It was then that the secret recipe was born and is preserved until today. Maintaining, already, cold rooms for the conservation of fruits and sales of ice, EPSA starts, as well, the production of Soft Drinks. During the nine decades that passed since then, a lot of progress has been made.

In 1937, EPSA was awarded the “Golden Award for Quality” at Thessaloniki International Fair. In 1940, the noted glass bottle of EPSA, that was meant to become the landmark of the brand, is designed.

Today, EPSA is still situated at exactly the same place in Agria area, in the city of Volos, maintaining modern facilities for the production of Soft Drinks.

In recent years, next to the classic Orangeade, Lemonade, Lemon Soda and Soda Water, many new products have been added: Iced Teas, Pink Lemonade, Tonic, Sour Cherry Drink, Organic soft drinks. Also, Light soft drinks and a liquid sweetener, “Light Drops”, both with sweetener from the stevia plant were our latest innovations.

Last, but not least, You Cann, a carbonated drink with Hemp infusion was the newest addition to our product list.

Certifications & Awards


EPSA applies systems of quality control such as:

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 22000
  3. HALAL
  4. IFS
  5. EU Organic Certification

1937 – EPSA Lemonade wins Golden Award of Quality at Thessaloniki International Fair.

2004 – EPSA Sour Cherry Drink wins double award for packaging and effectiveness in the market.

2008 – TÜV HELLAS awards EPSA with special honours for quality management.


  • Strongest Companies in Greece 2010 (ICAP).
  • Gold Label Award (packaging of EPSA Tea).

2011 – Strongest Companies in Greece 2011 (ICAP).


  • Corporate Superbrands Greece 2011-12.
  • iTQi EPSA Green Tea with Pomegranate and Sour Cherry, 1 Golden Star.
  • iTQi EPSA Bio Lemonade, 2 Golden Stars.
  • Proposal for participation in the Innovative Products for Sial d’Or 2012 – EPSA Bio Orangeade.
  • Second place Famous Brands 2012 of Greece.
  • Best Launches 2012 Award, EPSA Lemonade light with sweetener from stevia plant & EPSA carbonated Orangeade light with sweetener from stevia plant.
  • Environmental Awards 2013 – Best Practice for the category Water Stewardship – Water Conservation.
  • Product of the year – EPSA Bio Lemonade (Food & Drinks magazine).
  • Self Service Excellence Awards – Category: Greek Traditional Company.
  • Gold award for the 88 years of presence in the Greek Market.


  • iTQi EPSA Lemon Cola light with sweetener from stevia plant, 2 Golden Stars.
  • iTQi EPSA Lemonade light with sweetener from stevia plant, 2 Golden Stars.
  • Self Service Excellence Awards – Category: Innovation.
  • Famous Brands 2013 of Greece.
  • Product of the year – EPSA Lemon Cola Light (Food & Drinks magazine).


  • iTQi EPSA Lemonade, 3 Golden Stars.
  • iTQi EPSA light drops with sweetener from stevia plant, 3 Golden Stars.
  • European Business Awards, National Champion 2014/15.
  • Sial Innovation Selection 2014: EPSA Green Tea light with Pomegranate and Sour Cherry, EPSA Rooibos Tea light with Cranberry, Aronia, Goji Berry.
  • Famous Brands 2014 of Greece.
  • Social Media Awards, Bronze, Check-in, Back In Time!


  • iTQi EPSA Lemonade, 3 Golden Stars.
  • iTQi EPSA Blood Orange, 3 Golden Stars.


  • iTQi EPSA Pink Lemonade, 2 Golden Stars.
  • iTQi EPSA Lemonade, 3 Golden Stars, Crystal Award.


  • Packaging Innovation Awards 2017, Gold, PET 330ml.
  • Top Product Awards 2017 by Zampple, EPSA Lemonade and EPSA Orangeade PET 330ml.
  • Made in Greece Awards 2017, Honorary Distinction.

2018 – Perennial Brands Europe, Platinum Award, EPSA Lemonade.

2019 – Perennial Brands Europe, Platinum Award for 95 years success in the market.

Why Us

EPSA S.A is a 96 years old soft drinks industry, exporting to 35 countries famous for the great taste and high quality. Our premium engraved glass bottle is very well known for its unique shape. Additionally, the design of the Iced Teas cans is a state of art!

One of the main characteristics of our products is the high content of juice. The orangeades and sour cherry drink contain 20% juice, the blood orange 12% and the lemonades 7% lemon juice, much more than the competition. Variety of flavors gives the opportunity to our clients to choose those that match better to their market.

After launching in 2011 the first Light soft drinks with stevia as the main sweetener, next year we introduced the first Greek liquid sweetener from stevia plant, which does not alter taste of your drink. You can order your coffee with Light Drops and enjoy light beverages without compromising.

Our latest innovation (June 2020) is “You Cann”, a beneficial carbonated drink of functional well-being with cannabis and stevia infusion. It offers a natural feeling of rejuvenation.

EPSA, aiming at always coming first in customers’ choices and the market’s preference, is committed to constantly offer reliable products, that fulfill their needs and requirements, abiding by – at the same time – statutory legislation, first and foremost is issues of Food and Consumer Safety, in matters of Quality, and Employee Safety.

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