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Company Profile

Our family enterprise GALAXY – Sotiria Mavidou & Sons OE , was founded in 1969 and is based in Thessaloniki north Greece in the region of Central Macedonia , a land well known for  the wide range of agrifood products of exceptional quality , a place rich of gastronomic heritage.

We produce and bottling , grape vinegar, apple vinegar, balsamic vinegar and balsamic creams/glaze, lemon juice and lemon dressings, BBQ Sauce and mustard all ideal companions to any food in our traditional and contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

Why Us

We at  GALAXY – Sotiria Mavidou & Sons OE  have been creating products that stand out for their quality and tastiness for more than half a century.

Our values are a structured part of our family business.  

Our main philosophy: We make a point of selecting exceptional raw materials, creating relationships of trust with suppliers and customers based on our mutual benefit, and constantly being in search of improvement.

Our company invests dynamically in machinery and improving production conditions. It keeps abreast of market developments through constant research, it upgrades and develops its range of products, while offering improved work, hygiene, and safety conditions. Today it is a dynamic company with a broad range of private label products marketed in Greece and beyond, and remarkable export activities. Our range of balsamic creams, mustard and BBQ Sauce has received awards for its quality and taste at several international competitions.

Certifications & Awards


– EN ISO 2200:2018
– EN ISO 9001:2015
– IFS Higher Level
– Halal


Superior taste Awards ITQI Brussels two stars 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021

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