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goji health

Company Profile

Goji &, started, as an idea, in 2012, with jam recipes and cooking experiments without sugar, without boiling, only with pasteurization so as not to destroy, as much as possible, the valuable properties of superfoods,

We started selling jam products at the end of 2018, through exhibitions, small ads and an effort to get into special stores!

But the covid-19 pandemic came, and it all stopped.

After two years, we start again. We changed the name to better understand the very high content of Superfoods and that it is used for other preparations, in addition to your morning jam. And because we believe in our products, we have enriched our product range with two new flavors.

Our goji berry jams, (as a base) and in three flavors, are extra in fruit content, in three different combinations: with green apple, pumpkin and pomegranate juice at a rate of 40% goji berry and 40% the other fruit. Both new flavors of goji berry 20% and fig 60% or apricot 60%, Their production, that is, has a total of 80% of pure fruit.

Sugar is absent from all our products and has as its exclusive sweetener stevia *, (except goji berry and fig, which has no additional sweetener) thus achieving a product with minimal calories, no preservatives, no drugs and Vegan product.

Why Us

Our healthy jams, “80% Superfood Spread” based on goji berry superfood are suitable for people who follow a healthy diet, low calorie diet as well as people with intense daily life or athletes who want to improve their performance, for diabetics and others. and for all those who want something sweet with minimal calories. Our products are suitable for adults and children older than one year. The 80% Superfoods Spread, Goji and Health will enhance your creative cooking, since with a “slightly” sweet and sour taste, they are suitable for use in salads as dressing, chutney sauces, side dish of cold cuts, cheeses and fruits, for welcome at tables, marinades in meat, even in cocktail drinks, fruit cocktails, etc. In short, they can accompany your meal from breakfast to dinner.

GOJI & HEALTH, are very special and absolutely healthy products, of invaluable nutritional value, at an excellent price.

Certifications & Awards

– VEGAN (Registered by the VEGAN Society No: 026707).

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