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GOJI SPIRIT has created the 1st Complete Series of Organic Goji Berry Products!

GOJI SPIRIT is a family business, located in Vrachati, Corinth, Greece. Family’s medical preoccupation and mentality led to deep appreciation of the superfood Goji Berry and its Health Benefits.

The ‘’Berry of Happiness’’ or ‘’Berry of Longevity’’ is one of nature’s biggest wonders, due to the plethora of Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals and Proteins.

The passion and knowledge for a healthy nutrition has led to the creation of the 1st Complete, Innovative Series of Organic Goji Berry Products! For the first time, the properties of this special superfood are found in many gourmet flavors and tasty combinations, such us: Gourmet Chutneys, Unique Sauces, Pickled Goji, Natural Juices, Dressing, Fruit Spreads (no-sugar jams) and top-quality Fresh and dried Goji.

All the products are certified by TUV Austria, have no added sugar, preservatives and additives; suggested for Vegetarian, Vegan, Diabetic, Gluten-free, detoxifying and athletic/bodybuilding lifestyle.

The superfoods come from GOJI SPIRIT’s explementary organic smart-farming cultivations, laid at the Mediterranean environment of the Corinthian county.

GOJI SPIRIT has participated in international trade fairs: Biofach-Nuremberg, Green Week-Berlin, Food & Life-Munich, Winter Funcy Food Show-San Francisco, FOODEXPO-Athens.

Certifications & Awards


GOJI SPIRIT is multi-awarded with 3 Gold Awards at Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020 in Quality, Organicness and Innovation and 5 Taste Awards at OLYMP Taste Awards 2020.


  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 22000
  3. HACCP
  4. FDA
  5. EU Organic Certification

Why Us


GOJI SPIRIT is  the 1st Complete Organic Series of Goji Berry products.

Customers are now looking for No-Sugar Added, Organic products with High Nutritional Value. GOJI SPIRIT ‘s taste awarded products are the definition of such, specifically created to fill this customers’ need.

More specifically:

GOJI SPIRIT project started after the family’s research for the most beneficial superfood on Earth, all results concluded the Goji Berry.  They contain Proteins 11% (all 9 essential amino acids) , Vitamins (Vit.C – more than orange, vit. A, vit. B complex-B1,B2,B3,B5,B6), Antioxidants (25.300 ORAC Units: by far more than any other fruit)  and Minerals (Iron, Calcium, Selenium, Zinc, Sodium).

  • The Taste: They are multi-awarded with International Awards in Taste, 5 OLYMP Taste Awards 2020 and 3 Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020 Awards in Innovation, Organicness and Quality. In most products Mediterranean taste meets the far-eastern species aftertastes in a gourmet and superfood combo, while in others the familiar aroma of the orange and apple pairs with the sweet pattern of the Mediterranean Goji Berry. They are ready-to-use or can also be used as ingredient to rock different recipes. Restaurants and chefs prefer the HORECA jars.
  • NO added Sugar, NO preservatives and NO Additives are used at GOJI SPIRIT products, as sweet taste only relies on the sweet patterns of Lycium Barbarum (Sweet Goji) and the organic agave. Plus, Goji naturally regulates blood-sugar and it is beneficial for diabetics.
  • GOJI SPIRIT promotes health and the products are suitable for  wellness, Vegans, Vegetarians, Diabetics, Athletes, for glutten-free, detox and Bodybuilding lifestyles.

“Value For Money”. By cultivating our own Goji Berries (sweet Goji-Lycium Barbarum) in our exemplary organic cultivations in Greece:

  1. We provide a competitive price by bringing the cost down to cultivation cost, of such an expensive raw material as Goji
  2. our partners and clients trust better an EU product and certifications (TUV Austria)
  3. as result, the final products are top quality.

Goji berry, as our basic raw material, offers countless health benefits. It is important to mention a few: metabolic stimulation & weight loss aid, regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and blood-sugar, immunity boost, prevents pre-carcinogenic lesions, skin and mucosa health, promotes sexual life and fertility (increasing testosterone & helping women with premature ovarian failure), fights depression and stress, detoxifying the liver, relieves from pain (e.g. in arthritis), preventing macular degeneration, athletic recovery…

The packaging. Every single product has an individualized figure. It is highly esthetic and the concept is inspired by the ancient Greek Cycladic civilization.

We give special attention and annual funds to Marketing and Brand Development.

Last but not least: GOJI SPIRIT products are unique at their high percentages of the Goji Superfood, ranging from 20% to 45%. They are designed to fit the adult’s daily Vitamin intake and respect the daily goji dose indicated for long-term use. For example, one bottle of Goji-Orange Juice contains the 100% of the daily recommended intake in Vitamin C.

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