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Company Profile

GREEN BLUE SAVOURS is a Greek, family and innovative business of cultivation and processing of traditional and modern organic superfoods. Specifically, it deals with organic extra virgin olive oil, the protagonist of the Mediterranean diet, known since ancient times for its beneficial properties in human health and organic aronia berry, the rising medicinal plant with such benefits for the body to be characterized today as ‘the berry of youth’.

Green Blue savours aims to produce innovative foods and drinks, which are distinguished for their taste and modern design, but also emphasize the features of the Greek land.

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 22000
  2. HACCP
  3. EU Organic Certification

Why Us

Green Blue savors is a family-run vertical company producing traditional and modern superfoods, extra virgin olive oil on one hand and aronia berry on the other.

It is involved in the cultivation and processing of these foods to ensure the production of higher quality and added value from the primary fresh food to the packaged final product available to consumers.

The aim is to produce and sell not only delicious food and drinks but also products with personality in the taste, appearance and experience gained by the consumer. That is why its motto is: ‘we produce products with a soul’

Each product line has its own brand.

– Savvas for the extra virgin olive oil, which was named after the grandfather of the founder of the company, who was mainly engaged in the cultivation of olives in Northern Greece.

– Roni the Great for the products of aronia, which came from the combination of aronia as the greatest antioxidant fruit and Alexander the Great, as the cultivation is located in Alexander the Great Municipality in Pella Prefecture, the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

The design and branding for both product categories has been assigned to renowned and talented graphic designers, with emphasis on the production and promotion of unchanging Greek values and images with a modern version.

In general, Green Blue savours produces products with high nutritional value aimed at consumers who are interested and looking for not only delicious organic functional foods and drinks with a modern and practical design, but essentially complete solutions to upgrade their daily cooking recipes and habits.

Example: The range of aromatic olive oils in spray is a delicious proposal for each of us to flavour his dishes, to highlight the virtues of simple ingredients, to impress his friends and to create recipes that will boost his self-confidence in cooking.

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