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Helession is a group of people who love human and nature. Our main goal is to save, preserve and spread our Nutritional Heritage, to continue life, to preserve the environment and biodiversity.

After many years of research,in 2008 we made the first organic wine with natural vinification, without adding sulfite preservatives according to ancient Greek pattern, which over time became better and better.

According to the registered innovation by Helession, every wine lover can make the wine in his glass as much light and sweet as he likes, as it was traditionally done in Ancient Greece.

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 22000
  2. HACCP
  3. FDA
  4. EU Organic Certification
  5. USDA Organic Certification

Why Us


In these difficult days that Covid-19 has spread worldwide and the pharmaceutical industries have failed to fight the virus, sensitised consumers are looking for alternative solutions to cope the diseases and they trying to strengthen their defence system.

It is very important for you to exploit commercially the benefits of Helession’s innovative and organic products because:

  1. Universities have prove that Helession’s products contains polyphenols and they are the alternative cope of diseases.
  2. The products of grape are from natural processing and vinification without added sulfites preservatives and they are sought after by consumers.
  3. It is the sole Greek organic wine which is accepted by FDA as organic wine in USA.
  4. It is the sole Greek organic wine which is Vegan.
  5. They are the unique products of grape without alcohol and sulfites preservatives which they contain a lot of polyphenols.
  6. It is the unique organic “Vegan Honey”, unheated syrup, 100% grape.

The Opportunity is like an arrow, it is passing next to you and it needs immediate energy to catch it (Confucius).

Helession’s products contain the polyphenols that strengthen the human defence system and this is certified by University of Athens.

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