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Company Profile

Kapasta Company was founded in 2014 by Kapageorgiou brother and sister. The pasta production factory is located at the 5th km of Serres-Thessaloniki N.R., Greece.

The whole project is based on our questioning about quality of the food on our plates. The fast pace of life reduces the attention that we pay at our food on a daily basis and also makes it difficult to follow the Mediterranean diet.

Based on these and considering that pasta is a major part of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, we created the short-cut dried pasta factory at first and later the Kapasta meals that contain the most important ingredients of the base of the pyramid such as pasta, rice and vegetables.

Why Us

How could healthy meals get into our fast paced way of life? Can quality food easily reach our plates?

These questions achieved to answer our family business taking advantage of the high quality Greek agricultural products.

We created Kapasta complete meals which offer all the benefits of Mediterranean Diet in only a few minutes.

With 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives and chemical additives, containing the most important parts of the base of the Mediterranean Diet pyramid such as pasta, rice, legumes and vegetables.

Easy, quick, delicious. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Certifications & Awards


ISO 22000

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