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Company Profile

Kolios Company SA was established by Ioannis Kolios as a sole trader back in 1956. Initially we produced and sourced fruit, mainly citrus fruits, which we sold wholesale on the Greek market. However, since 1979, this has gradually changed into a wholesale export business, selling to more than 10 countries. In 1984 the founder’s sons began to be actively involved in the daily activities of the company. With the knowledge they gained they applied some specifically targeted actions which succeeded in leading us into our now worldwide exports.

Due to the continuous investments we have made, Kolios Company SA is a dynamically developing company. The conditions and requirements of the market have led us to specialize further into the distribution of kiwifruit. The investments which we made ensured that our kiwifruits were packaged better, with specific emphasis on health and hygiene requirements, as well as the speed of tour production line.

As a company we have also acquired and cultivated more than 28 hectares of kiwifruit, which have increased the potential growth of the company. We are located in Arta, in the fertile region of Epirus in Greece, which produces excellent kiwis. Our factory and support facilities are situated in a privately owned area of 15.000 square meters in the Roka Filothei region and in a second area of 25.000 square meters in Gavria, Arta.

Today 85% of our products are exported whilst the remaining 15% are sold on the domestic market, mainly in large Supermarket chains.

Certifications & Awards


We implement the standards required in all aspects of the business from the following certification bodies:

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 22000
  3. IFS
  5. FDA
  6. EU Organic Certification

Why Us

As a company, we have acquired the sole planting and handling right for the variety Soreli in Greece. The characteristics of this kiwifruit variety are its intense yellow flesh and glowing bronze skin and the sweeter taste of the fruit. The Soreli variety ripens around 3-4 weeks earlier than the Hayward variety. The outlook for the increased cultivation in Greece is very positive and the demand for the Soreli variety, along with yellow fleshed varieties in general, has increased greatly on the global market.

Aside from the Soreli variety we also work very strongly with the Hayward variety of kiwifruits as a company and in recent years we have also started to build a strong relationship with producers of organic (Bio) kiwifruits of both varieties.

As our area of activity is the trade and exportation of fruit we pay special attention to the quality of our products, which also helps to keep us at a top position in our chain of activity.

As our philosophy requires perfection, we try to keep quality very high on our list of priorities and we aim to do this in many different ways. Firstly, we keep in close contact with all our producers and visit their orchards frequently for both the Soreli variety and Hayward. We do an analysis of any produce which comes into the facility from any producer to check that everything conforms with the rules and regulations required for export to any given country we may export to. We have researched into the export business in great detail, placing particular emphasis on the right design and certification, and research into packaging.

To summarize we are a family run business, of which now a 3rd generation has become involved with the company, who care about both their customers and producers and have a close working relationship with both and who pride ourselves on the quality of the products we supply in this way.

In the last 12 months, as a company we have achieved many things:

Firstly, we acquired more land in which we have planted more of our own production which will greater further our quality control standards of the produce we sell as we will handle more produce from start to finish ourselves.

Secondly, we were the first company to export some containers of Kiwifruit from Greece to Argentina. Things went really well on this front and we plan to continue to build and strengthen our relationship with our customer there this coming season and in years to come.

Lastly, after a visit to our facility, agronomists from the South Korean Ministry and from the South Korean Embassy here in Greece decided to push for protocol which allows importation of Kiwifruit from Greece into South Korea. This protocol has also opened doors for exportation from Greece to Thailand. Both of these avenues are something we as a company are really looking forward to exploring and starting to collaborate with companies to bring Greek Kiwifruit into South Korea and Thailand for the first time.

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