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Company Profile

KYKNOS Greek Canning Co is one of the oldest canning companies in Europe founded in Nafplio, Greece in 1915. The label is a recognized household name throughout the country for its tomato products and is one of the leading companies in the Greek market. The factory and distribution centre are located in the sunny, fertile plains of Ilia region, close to ancient Olympia.

It’s been a whole century since the first KYKNOS can appeared in Greek households. Since then much has changed. However, in all these years the consumers’ love and trust in KYKNOS have undoubtedly been enduring.

This means a lot to all of us at KYKNOS S.A. Greek Canning Company. We have been faithful to our founder’s values since 1915: top quality products, care for people, ethical business practices and openness are some them.

This is achieved by constantly inspecting every step of the production procedure: from seed to shelf, as we say.

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 22000
  2. Non-GMO
  3. HALAL
  4. BRC
  5. IFS
  7. Kosher
  8. HACCP
  9. FDA




Why Us

KYKNOS is one of the first natural plant based tomato processers in Europe still in operation. Founded in 1915, KYKNOS has a history of 105 years of know-how in tomato processing, but being at the same time a strongly innovative company.

In KYKNOS, we believe that high quality ingredients and products should be easy, accessible and enjoyable, a perfect fit for healthy diets and an inspiration for good food habits.

All KYKNOS products are GMO Free, Gluten Free, and preservative free.

The tomatoes grown in fertile Elia valley, close to ancient Olympia and to the Greek sea, are famous for their superb taste and aroma. To maximize final product quality, harvesting takes place at peak ripeness and tomato is canned within 5 hours maximum. This is why fresh tomato taste and aroma are preserved in every can.

We believe that if you know where your food comes from and how to transform raw ingredients into hearty, delicious meals, you have a better foundation for a healthy and balanced life.

That’s why KYKNOS has many inspirational and educational initiatives intended to empower the current generation and the next generation to cook from scratch.

KYKNOS brand has one of the highest brand loyalties in Greece and is considered a love brand!!

KYKNOS tomato paste has been awarded at the highest level with the Superior Taste Award in 2014 and the Gold Great Taste Award in 2012.

KYKNOS continues to launch new products to meet current and future consumer needs. We constantly strive to produce products that are in line with our KYKNOS Brand Nutrition Criteria to secure beneficial nutrients!

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