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Loux Marlafekas Industrial and Commercial S.A is the largest purely Greek Company of soft drinks and juices, holding steadily the 2nd place in market share of soft drinks in total, among powerful multinational corporations. Loux Marlafekas has a presence in the Greek market of soft drinks and juices for 69 years. Respect towards the consumer was always the driving force of Loux. We choose pure, Greek raw materials to produce unique flavors and innovative products from authentic recipes.

Loux has won over the market under its established trademarks ( Loux Mix, Loux Cola) offering a full range of soft drinks Orange Juice, Lemonade, Sour Cherry, Loux Mix (Orange Lemon Mandarin), Soda, Traditional Gazoza LOUX Cola and Tonic Soft drinks are available in packaging of 250 ml glass, 330 ml PET, 500 ml PET and 1500 ml PET.

In 2016 Loux entered the market of low calorie soft drinks, with the new innovative series Loux plus ‘n light with 0 sugar, 60 less calories and higher content of vitamin C (in the flavors orange juice and lemonade) Loux plus ‘n light are the first and only light soft drinks in the Greek market that contain 100 natural sweeteners (fruit sugars, fructose and sweeteners of natural origin) without any change of the known and incomparable flavor that defines all the products of Loux, upsetting substantially the market of light products. The series contains three flavors (orange juice, lemonade, Loux Cola) in packaging PET 330 ml and glass 250 ml, while, soon, further flavors and packaging will be available. Reflecting the warm response of the consumers and the demanding needs of the market, Loux has expanded its series Loux plus ‘n light with the addition of Loux plus ‘n light tea Loux’s new iced tea in three flavors, lemon, peach and red fruit following the same philosophy of beverage recipe, for 100 natural consistency and unalterable taste, it meets the needs of consumers for a more balanced diet.

The company has three privately owned state of art units in Peloponnese that extend across an area of 33 000 m2 for the production and distribution of its products Kevalovrysso Saravali of Patras) and the vertical integration of production of P E T packaging Aigio In 2008 the company concluded special partnerships with logistics center in Attica and in 2016 in Thessaloniki, aiming at covering the constantly increasing needs for reduction of transportation costs and delivery time of the products.

Since 2007 the company has implemented investments in units and equipment for a total sum of 20 million Euros, by using exclusively its own capitals, without bank lending. While in the years 2018 2019 it has already gone ahead with a new project of 2-million-euro investment plan for mechanical equipment. Loux employs today 130 direct and indirect employees in Achaia, Athens and Thessaloniki.

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 22000
  3. Kosher
  4. HACCP
  5. FDA


Loux has received numerous distinctions in the frame of business awards and honors


In 2010 Loux is included in the renowned list Strongest Companies in Greece of ICAP Group

In 2014 the company’s products are chosen as the official soft drink of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU while in the end of the same year, Loux is awarded by the Athens Chamber of Tradesmenin the frame of the awards ceremony Athens Chamber of Tradesmen “Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship”

In 2015 the company is awarded in the categories “Eponymous Greek Product for Food and Beverages” and (for 2d time) “Entrepreneurial Excellence” in the awards Made in Greece of the Greek Marketing Academy

In 2016 Loux is announced as Public National Champion of Greece in the European wide competition of entrepreneurship European Business Awards and it claims the title of the overall European Public Champion among the top enterprises of Europe

In 2017 Loux stood out as a Superbrand among the leading companies in the Greek market, including leading multinationals, winning first place as the strongest brand in the market for non alcoholic beverages

At the same time, Loux juices and soft drinks awarded as Branded Greek Product in the awards Made in Greece by the Hellenic Marketing Academy in 2017 confirming Loux’s continued investment in creating a strong brand through innovative products and authentic flavors

Loux was recognized one more time for its business excellence in the Outsourcing Awards Creative Greece 2017 Outsourcing Greece a distinction repeated in 2018 It was also honored for the 8th year in 2018 as one of the Greek Economy in the frame of the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy” among the fastest growing businesses in Greece

Loux has been awarded as a top corporate brand in Greece at the Superbrands Corporate Greece 2018 2019 competition and has also received a Certificate in Business Excellence at Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019

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Why Us

LOUX soft drinks travel all over the world, promoting the natural superiority and taste of Greek products.

Today, exports reach more than 5% of sales with notable sales in 27 countries, in the US, Canada, Panama, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Albania, Serbia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Dubai, Russia, South Africa and more recently Singapore and Spain.

The company has focused its interest on the market in the wider region of the Middle East, as well as in northern and central Europe.

LOUX target for the next three years is to double its exports.


  • The largest purely Greek companyin the sector of soft drinks and juices
  • 69 years of tradition with respect to the consumer
  • It holds steadily the 2d placein the marketwith a share of 9,6% in the total of soft drinks and 30,3% in the soft drinks with flavor, among famous multinational corporations (April 2018-March 2019) (MAT)
  • 100% Greek company–it belongs exclusively to Greek businessmen
  • It has its legal address in Greece
  • It uses 100% Greek raw materials
  • It enhances the goodwill of the extroversion of Greece
  • It offers employment to 130 direct & indirect employees
  • It participates in the programmeCSR in a local and PanHellenic level

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