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Company Profile

Founded in 1948, Mandrekas S.A. is a family owned dairy company. Since its establishment, our company has striven to produce authentic Greek dairy products of exceptional quality and high nutritional value. 

The testimonials of our customers worldwide prove and fortify our mission of always aiming to exceed their expectations. Corporate values like the respect to the customers, the alignment with international production standards and leaning edge R&D technologies and the dedication to corporate social responsibility policies have led our company in establishing long lasting relationships in domestic and foreign markets. Our commitment ίs to provid top quality dairy products with high nutritional value.

Nowadays, having a great variety of dairy products in all available sizes, Mandrekas S.A. is considered as one of the largest private label (PL) Greek yogurt producers for retail and wholesale. Moreover, in the context of advocating the health benefits of Greek dairy products, we have commercial presence in many countries under our own brand or PL products, while at the same time production presence through a successful joint venture in Wisconsin, United States.

Mandrekas S.A. implements the most advanced Quality & Safety management systems in dairy production, always in compliance with the moststrict standards and requirements enacted by the National and European legislation.


–              High quality products and variety in our product portfolio

–              Flexibility in meeting the needs of every customer

–              Know-how around greek yogurt and innovative products

–              Reliability

–              Continuous investments in new machinery

Certifications & Awards


  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 22000
  3. IFS
  4. HACCP
  5. FDA

Why Us

Our company has been producing Yogurt since 1948. This has provided us with the experience to develop special techniques and recipes that made us experts in producing Greek yogurt.

Our production has been designed to be flexible and fast! We deliver all over the world with a mini-mum order of one pallet and can serve almost every need due to our flexible ways of working.

We are always trying to introduce new products with the  innovation which is necessary to fulfil all new trends.

Yogurt has been a part of our diet for thousands of years. Nearly all  generations grew up consum-ing yogurt and have passed it on to the next ones. Our vision as a company is to keep the tradition alive and to introduce to the dairy industry new products and flavours. Recently, we have  success-fully introduced our newest product “Youphoria High Protein”. It is a drinkable yogurt which is high in protein (25gr) ,lactose free and has low sugar and calories. It is packaged in a 250ml bottle mak-ing it more convenient to be consumed anywhere, even on the go, and without the need of a spoon. It is an innovative product for the greek dairy industry that has won two taste awards (Ηealthy Breakfast and Snack Product of the Year’ and ‘Healthy Dairy Product of the Year’) at the Healthy Taste Awards 2019. It also achieved the Superior Taste Awards 2020 from the International Taste Institute.

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