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Company Profile

We ‘re μelixir, a family brand that loves bees, honey & Greek nature!

We are Alexander & Naya, brother, and sister with a passion for exploring Greek flora along with our bees, who relentlessly collect the finest nectar and create the most precious and desirable Greek honey.

We truly believe in honey’s super powers and its beneficial effect on the human body, mind, and soul. For us, good honey comes from good understanding and good collaboration with our bees.

We’re excited to introduce to you μelixir, the brand we‘ve created with love in order to bring the wondrous and nutritious honey bee products straight from Greek nature to you.

Why Us

Our highest priority is to offer premium quality products with exquisite taste.

Therefore, we offer to all of our customers the same 100% pure and unprocessed Greek honey from our own beehives.

Moreover, we are 4th generation beekeepers who strive to combine the traditional beekeeping methods of our grandparents with the scientific knowledge and the advancements in technology in order to enhance the production process while respecting our awesome bees!

Certifications & Awards


Honey chemical analysis | AUTh Laboratory of Beekeeping, according to the standard ELOT EN ISO/ IEC
17025: 2005

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