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Company Profile

His deep love for wine and the millennia-old winemaking tradition of his homeland led Nikolaos Zaharias to found a small winemaking facility in 1946 and fulfill his life-long dream. Here, in Askri, in Central Greece, wine has always been an essential component of the local economy and an intrinsic part of the people’s culture.
In 1967, his son, Athanasios Zaharias, entered the family business and gave it a new impulse by implementing dynamic and forward-looking ideas. With his contribution, the small artisanal winery was gradually transformed into a modern winemaking unit.
In 2005, the year when “Muses Estate” was created, it was time for Nikos, Stelios and Panayiotis, the third generation, to take their place in the family business. Their skills, scientific knowledge and youthful ideas combined with the family tradition and experience helped Muses Estate to make a step further into the 21st century.
Our philosophy here on the Muses Estate is to make wines that are in perfect harmony with the ecosystem. Our aim is to maintain the balance, the complexity and love that are required in order to release the senses.Our vision is to produce wines that are representative of the Valley of Muses as well as the family itself.

Why Us

  1. We produce our products with enthusiasm, sustainability and passion.
  2. We’re not new to this. We are the 3d generation in our winery. We have creativity and we are trustworthy.
  3. We have talent and high education people inside our We do not outsource either the grape vinification or the wine-making process. We control all the steps, from the vines to the shipping of our products.
  4. Our products are Value for Money in any level.

  5. We already exporting in 21 countries.
  6. We are well established in Greece mainly in restaurant and bar industry with clients with Michelin star.
  7. The terroir of the Valley of the Muses. We are blessed to cultivate our grape is such a unique environment.
  8. Our product range have the ability to fulfill many different needs. We have the ability to be quick and adaptive to the needs of our distributors.
  9. We have many certifications and many distinctions in wine competitions.
  10. We are good at what we do. We put a lot of effort into developing relationships with our clients so we can provide a continuous and win-win cooperation for many years.

Certifications & Awards

– ISO 22000

Bronze / The Balkans International Wine Competition 2018 for « Chrisolithos Red 2015»
88 Points / Robert Parker – Wine Advocate for « Muses Estate Chrisolithos Red 2017»
88 Points / Robert Parker – Wine Advocate for « Muses Estate Chrisolithos Red 2018»
87 Points / Robert Parker – Wine Advocate for « Muses Estate A.muse White 2019»

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