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Company Profile

We are an old olive oil factory in Parga, Greece. We love and promote culture and gastronomy.
We organize guided tours inside the old olive oil factory, we also hold cooking workshops and wine tastings.
With respect and passion, we produce high quality olive oil products from our own olive groves and export them to the world. 

Why Us

Being olive oil producers for more than 50 years and three generations, we decided to create top-quality olive oil products that bring our knowledge and passion together with Paragaea’s signature. With these values, we are making handcrafted olive oil products for the last nine years, always respecting our tradition and adopting modern and sustainable techniques to get the best olive oil every time

Paragaea controls and monitors every step of the olive oil production from the tree to your plate. Ilias, the owner of Paragaea, and his family participate in the olive oil harvest every year to ensure the perfect quality of the final product. We cultivate our olive trees that were first planted there by our grandparents around 1970. The estates are located high above the sea level at an altitude of 150m where the microclimate of the area, together with the sea breeze are offering the ideal conditions for.

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Certifications & Awards


Health Claim EU 2020


– Golden Award EVOIC 2021
– Silver Award NYIOOC 2021
Silver Award Berlin GOOA 2020
Silver Award LIOOC 2019
– Bronze Tourism Award 2018
– Bronze Award OLYMP AWARDS 2016

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