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We started Paragaea back in 2012 when we reimagined and restored the first mechanical olive oil factory of Parga that remained seized since 1974 and turned it into an olive oil museum and tasting center. Being olive oil producers for 3 generations, we created the Aegis Gourmet and the Elia product lines.

Our goal was to create honest olive oil products with respect to quality and impeccable taste. We began in 2012 and today our product line includes awarded extra virgin olive oils, flavored olive oils, olive oil-based dressings, and olive paste. The olive oil production and packaging are being carefully monitored and conducted by us in our own facilities. Through our physical and online store, we sell to the Nordic countries for the last 8 years with great success and we are now looking forward to establishing our position in the Nordic countries through exports.

Certifications & Awards


Silver Award at Berlin Global Olive Oil Competition (BGOOA 2020) for our Aegis Gourmet EVOO


  1. ISO 22000
  2. HACCP

Why Us

Because we are handling the entire journey of the olive oil from the tree to the bottle by taking care of the harvest, the production, the packaging & the distribution of all our products with our means and facilities. In addition to our long experience in producing artisanal olive oil products, our products have been tested in the market and we are selling to the Nordic Countries through our existing channels.

We produce two single varietal extra virgin olive oils that each one brings different aromas and tastes making it the perfect companion to the everyday cooking at home. Moreover, the Aegis Gourmet EVOO brings a Bronze Award in OLYMPUS AWARDS 2016 and also a Silver Award in BERLIN BGOOA 2020 for its impeccable taste and quality.

The product line of Paragaea also includes 3 flavored olive oils produced without aromas nor chemicals but by combining and crushing together whole fruits (oranges and lemons) with olives. The results are tempting and delicious making these flavored olive oils able to be used in both savory and also sweet food recipes.

We also produce olive paste using 4 simple ingredients: Kalamon olives, salt, vinegar & extra virgin olive oil to keep the flavor simple and rich. In our own labs and production facilities, we are making 2 olive oil-based dressings that can be used in salads, meat & fish plates in various ways and in different combinations.

Our products are carefully crafted with love and care by our family and our amazing team, we keep the quality in the highest standards and we offer a wide range of olive oil products. All the above considered Paragaea can be the most suitable representative of the greek olive oil in the Nordic countries. We are looking forward to working with you.

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