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Company Profile

We are a Greek family business, and we produce with passion multi-awarded innovative olive oils that fulfill the taste, the sensations, and the nutritional improvement.
We are inspired by the gifted Greek nature, the premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the powerful native Greek aromatic plants, the sun kissed Mediterranean fresh fruits and vegetables and the traditional Greek food experience.
Generous quantities of fresh Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Red Hot Pepper, Green Chili, Marjoram, Dill, Garlic and fresh Lemon, Orange, Mandarin and Bergamot along with premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our own original recipes, invite you to experience a tasteful travel along the Mediterranean cost and the Greek islands.
Pellas Nature gourmet olive oils have full natural flavor, fresh authentic taste, and unique aftertaste. They are quick and easy to use. Suitable for everyday cooking and for professionals. They produce enhanced dishes and give you always standard quality results.
Attractive, modern design selected carefully to ensure the product safety and quality.
Awarded at Athena IOOC 2018, Athena IOOC 2019, Athena IOOC 2020, Athena IOOC 2021, London IOOC 2019, London IOOC 2020, London IOOC 2021, Los Angeles IOOC 2020, Berlin GOOA 2020, Berlin GOOA 2021, Great Taste Awards 2019, Great Taste Awards 2020, AFFA 2021, Canada IOOC 2021, EVO IOOC 2021 and Japan Olive Oil Prize 2021.
Suitable for Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Vegan diet, and for health-conscious consumers.
Two basic product lines:
Pellas Nature olive oils and Organic Drops olive oils (100 % certified organic).
Available also in luxurious gift packaging.

Why Us

Food experience: Our multi-awarded gourmet olive oils have full natural flavor, fresh authentic taste, unique aftertaste, flavor sustainable over time. Plus, they are quick and easy to use.

Commitment to quality: we use only the best raw materials, we set high standards for us, but also those working with us, we monitor our products with continuous measurements in our business quality lab, but also in independent laboratories, we invest significant funds in quality control.

Our gourmet olive oils have exceptional quality, they are healthy, with high nutritional value.

Innovation: “One step” green natural pioneer process, extracts the taste and flavor of fresh aromatic plants, fruits, and vegetables directly into the extra virgin olive oil, “respecting” its delicacy. Our multi-awarded gourmet olive oils are 100% natural and rich in bioactive ingredients.

We are different: No solvents! No additives! No preservatives! No essential oils, no essences!

Certifications & Awards


– ISO 22000:2018
– BIO production certified acc. Reg. (EC) No834/2007

Awards for the Organic Drops series

– London IOOC 2019: one Platinum, one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze award
– Great Taste competition 2019: one 3-star and one 1-star award
– Berlin GOOA 2020: two Platinum and one Gold award
– Great Taste competition 2020: two 2-star awards
– Berlin GOOA 2021: two Platinum and one Gold award
– London IOOC 2021: two Platinum and one Gold award
– Japan Olive Oil Prize 2021: one Best in Class and one Gold prize

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