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In 2004, Vasilis Roussas inherited the land from his parents and decided, with his family, to establish himself there permanently.
Up to then, his relationship with nature was conventional. However this relationship would soon evolve and dictate the course of his life. Today this small piece of land has developed into a completely organic olive grove, in which is produced a low acidity, highly nutritious olive oil – “ΠΟΙΗΜΑ”.


The Ambracian Gulf, one of the largest gulfs in Greece, rich in flora and fauna, is a rare and closed ecosystem. It is one of the most important natural reserves of Mediterranean birds, it has
been integrated into the European network “NATURA 2000” and is protected by the international treaty “RAMSAR” as “Wetland of International Importance”. When it meets the river Arachthos,
which in turn enriches the land with its oxygen and mineral rich waters, a very unique place is created who’s landscape captivates every visitor. Amongst all of this natural beauty is the “Farm
Moschopoulou”, an olive grove surrounded by vibrant colours and fragrances which engulf the fruits of its trees.

Why Us

Every drop of our oil is precious, that is why we take such good care of it. Every bottle of our produce is unique, numbered and the result of a very careful and demanding procedure.
At our organic Olive grove, we cultivate a variety of olives known as “Koroneiki”. We use every modern and scientific method which together with organic fertilisers and the help of organic products, we balance out the harmful parasites and promote the increase of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.
The use of water takes place only when absolutely necessary. We have applied the cultivation of other plants, mainly “Papilionoideae” to give, in a natural way, more traits to the soil.
Finally, we recycle all organic remains which our farm produces.
All of the above constitute a piece of organised endeavour, so as to reinforce the natural process, time after time eliminating every type of pollution from external factors.
The olives are collected with modern mechanical methods and come in contact only with food safe materials. Then they proceed immediately to certified organic olives presses which fulfill the high standards of food produce (ISO, HACCP). The extraction of the oil is carried out at especially low temperatures (<22°c).

Certifications & Awards


– Gold award quality taste organic 2018 in LondonIOOC
– Bronze award quality taste organic 2019 in LondonIOOC
– Gold award quality taste organic 2020 in BerlinIOOC
– Gold award quality taste organic 2021 in BerlinIOOC
– Gold award quality taste organic 2021 in MTA AWARDS (London, Berlin)
– Gold award packaging (container) 2018 in LondonIOOC
– Gold award packaging (total image) 2018 in LondonIOOC
– Platinum award packaging (innovation) 2018 in LondonIOOC
– Platinum award packaging (label) 2018 in LondonIOOC
– Gold award (buyers choice) 2021 in MTA AWARDS (London)
– TuvAustria Hellas since 2016

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