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ΤHAVMASIO RODI (meaning WONDERFUL POMEGRANATE in Greek) is a pomegranate cultivating and juice producing company established in Volos, Greece in 2012. From the very beginning, the founders adopted an out of the box approach to facing the following challenge: given that care and respect towards the soil and the natural life cycles that take place therein are applied to agricultural practice, what can be justifiably expected in return? With this question as a working hypothesis, our company started the cultivation of 5300 organic pomegranate trees covering 107.000 sq m of privately owned land, in the Almyros area in Central Greece.

Reaching the trees’ maturity age in 2019 we proceeded one step further towards integration by building our industrial plant for juice extraction and the production of a number of derivative products, such as organic pomegranate jam, agave syrup organic pomegranate jam, organic sweet and sour sauce and organic pomegranate caviar.

The industrial plant’s construction was completed and put to operation in 2019 within the orchard premises. Choοsing to allocate the industrial plant within the orchard has been a quite conscious decision, in the sense that the overall benefits of such an action both in terms of keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum while at the same time ensuring the best possible quality of our products, are twofold:

  1. Sparing the transportation of the fruits to some distant location in order to be processed, saves the environment from unnecessary overloading with gas emissions and at the same time the fruits’ quality from deterioration due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions, and
  2. Keeping the by-products of the industrial processing within the integrated premises, ensures that there are available raw materials for next year’s cultivation through recycling without any extra cost – economic or environmental – for transportation and disposal.

Our company, despite of its small scale, can boast about its remarkable degree of integration in the sense that in our premises we exert a significant degree of control over all the stages of production starting from the very soil that hosts our trees all the way to the end products in the bottle or vase, as the case may be. Not to mention the uncompromisable condition of the overall production procedures and the superior quality of the products they deliver.

Certifications & Awards


  1. EU Organic Certification

Why Us

Because what we do is one of a kind. The cultivation method employed at the THAVMASIO RODI pomegranate orchard stretches far beyond the commonplace organic farming practice, that is being content with ensuring that no chemical fertilizers and pesticides or any other kind of synthetic agricultural preparations are used.

Our practices, instead, are driven by a holistic approach entailing environmental concerns, that is sustainability and keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum. Keeping track with issues like these is attained via our explicit devotion to healing the orchard soil.

This goal – abstract as it may sound – is attained via the employment of home made beneficial microorganisms, which we inoculate into our bokashi (anaerobically fermented compound rich in organic matter). This medium entails extensive recycling of locally available absolutely natural raw materials, such as wheat and barley straw, occasionally accompanied by olive pulp and leaves as well as grape peels and seeds, and of course the by-products of our own farming and juice producing practice. We also use – available all year round – rice bran, coffee grounds, cocoa shell as well as fish hydrolysate fatty acids (sardines and anchovy fish hydrolysate rich in Omega-3) among others. All this wealth of ingredients inoculated with the cultures of beneficial microorganisns and anaerobically fermented into a medium enriched with nutrients and loaded with energy – so called bokashi – ensures soil health, which in turn is manifested in the vitality of the trees and the fruits they deliver.

From such fruits we produce our free from, fresh frozen Certified Organic Pomegranate Juice without any additives, preservatives or sweetening and colouring agents.

In order to preserve the full antioxidant potential of the juice, as well as the whole palette of values connected with the employment of probiotics for its production, we use fresh freezing instead of pasteurization, in order to preserve its natural vitality and freshness.

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