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Phaidon, the grandfather of the family, started the viticulture in 1960.  His son George, with passion, knowledge and love for the fine wine and with the encouragement of his wife Chrissie, invested in the family winery, developing the vineyards into organic.

John, their son, the worthy successor of the 3rd generation, as soon as he completed his studies, took on the responsibility of harvesting and vinification on the estate as well as the sales of the wines abroad.

Today the 28 Ha vineyards of the estate, extend to areas of incomparable beauty both in the area of Avlida Evia and Arma Thiva, which since antiquity were known for their ideal microclimate for excellent wines. Moreover, the altitude differences and the composition of the soil, contribute to a jealous complexity of flavors and aromas that today distinguish the production of the exquisite wines of the Tzivani estate. The fine process of winemaking is ensured in the winery which is furnished with high technology equipment.

The wines of the estate have been awarded in all the international wine competitions that have participated, and are exported to many countries in Europe, Asia and America.

The winery is housed in a beautiful building of traditional architecture. There all the wines are fermented under the best oenological conditions, while in the underground cellar, where technology meets tradition, all the reds mature and age patiently in oak barriques.

The winery is hosting multi-purpose venues. Conferences, exhibitions, weddings, baptisms, and several Social and Business Events.

Certifications & Awards


  1. EU Organic Certification

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Tzivani estate’s organic wines are produced on the family’s slopping low output vineyards (every vine produces one bottle of wine).  They have been honoured in many global competitions, and they are worthy ambassadors of Greek Branded Wines.

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