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Company Profile

ZOINOS WINERY is the oldest and the biggest winery in the NW Greece, established in Zitsa in 1972, in order to rescue the wine region of Zitsa where the indigenous rare varieties are cultivated; the white Debina (indicated in 1972 as PDO Zitsa) and the red Vlahiko and Bekari.  ZOINOS WINERY produces two kinds of wines (still and sparkling) and distillates.
In recent years, the company has run several investments in order to upgrade the winery facilities, established a new branch in Ioannina, new vineyards, 130 acres cultivated by Zoinos, planted with the indigenous varieties of Zitsa and participates in viticultural research programs for the identification of the native varieties from Epirus.
ZOINOS WINERY ‘s philosophy of producing first class, quality wine, is based on old-world craftsmanship, time honored traditions and modern, scientific practices. Key to the company’s success are the human resources, consisting of staff and partners with high scientific training, professional experience and special training skills, with which it maintains long-term working relationships.
Equipped with tradition, passion, technology, knowledge, respect towards the consumer and a long experience, ZOINOS WINERY aspires to offer quality and value for money products

Why Us

ZOINOS WINERY has a unique selling point, our indigenous varieties, Debina, Vlahiko and Bekari.  These three varieties are cultivated only at the viticultural region of Zitsa.
The vineyards are located at an altitude of 700m in the sloping ground facing the Ionian Sea, where its winds create mild winters and cool summer. The soil is calcareous with steep slopes, which provide them with good drainage from water. The vine density ranges 4.000 per hectare, the average crop yield is below 2.5 kgr per vine and the average yield is 80 hl/ha.
Only the finest, handpicked grapes are selected each year from across the entire Zitsa region, together with a carefully honed selection from each & different village.
‘’Each and every bottle of wine is nurtured by us through every step of the making of a fine wine. This magical journey is only made possible by respecting our terroir and by using our indigenous varieties Debina, Vlahiko and Bekari’’says our winemaker, Eleni Sintou.

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