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Dr Angel’s Holistic Tea – Great Enlightenment

Dr.Angel’s, Holistic Tea, Great Enlightenment (Wellness), 6 pcs, 21gr

The innovative collection of herbal mixtures with superfoods for decoction / tea Dr Angel’s Holistic Tea has been formulated by the famous Greek Holistic Therapist ProfDc Dr Angeliki Koskeridou “Dr Angel” for you, bringing the combination of Eastern and Western Philosophy. In the context of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, the Great Enlightenment decoction contributes to the holistic health & well-being of the body because it contains a mixture of Greek organic herbs & hibiscus superfoods that promotes well-being and improves mental and physical fatigue. / cognitive function and improves the body’s adaptability to stressful situations,balsam that promotes emotional balance and positive mood, with relaxing properties, calendula to balance allergies, with anti-inflammatory properties, floss that contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive tract, lavender that promotes good mental health and quality, mental health and contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals.
You can now be introduced to the unique holistic approach that comes from Greek organic herbs and organic superfoods through every sip. All products are handmade and contain only pure high quality herbs and superfoods from organic crops or native plants, while they are selected methodically to keep their nutrients active.

Pennyroyal :  Cognitive function&clarity, Opening crown chakra
Lavender : Reduce mental fatique, Opening thrid-eye
Blueberry : Bioflavonoids for Wellness, Promotes communication
Lemon Balm : Relaxation, Unblock heart chakra
John’s Wort: Improves mood, Rebalance solar plexus
Calendula:  Digestive, Rebalance 2hd chakra
Hibiscus: Antioxidants, Rebalance 1st chakra 

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