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Greek Forest Honey 480gr

Greek Forest Honey is the unique result of the harmonious cooperation of our bees with the Greek forest.
It is a honeydew honey collected from the centuries-old oak trees in combination with a variety of wildflowers and herbs that exist in the forest.
Interestingly, the oak tree had mythical dimensions and it was the sacred tree of ancient Greeks.
Acknowledging its significance we travel with our bee colonies to the virgin oak forests of western Macedonia aiming at the harvest of this exceptional quality honey.
Forest honey is a rich source of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium and has a low sugar concentration and strong antioxidant action. The enzymes it contains enhance the metabolism and function of the vital organs.
It has a distinctive aroma with a sweet and velvety taste, a characteristic dark color and thickness. As a honeydew honey it crystallizes more slowly than other types of honey.

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Natural, Vegan



Central Macedonia

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