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Marinated mushrooms with truffle flavor 180gr

The love for the Greek nature gave the idea to the people of Dryas Greek Truffle company to work with this valuable and rare product. Starting from the cultivation and the spread of the truffle throughout Greece, they proceeded to the production and standardization of the products.
Even though the botanical science sees very few differences between white and black truffle, this does not apply to the culinary science. First of all, the black truffle is used at large portions in cooking and as a main ingredient of many products. On the contrary, the white truffle is use raw at minimum portions, more like a kind of herb.
The characteristics of truffles, such as color, flavour and aroma, are determined by the type of that tree. Also, their shape depends on the kind of soil they are found on. Truffles that grow in friable soils are smooth whereas those growing in solid soils are knobby due of the effort needed in finding enough space to grow.
In general, the aroma of truffle stands out among fats and sauces. It coordinates perfectly with butter and cream that transfer its taste in all igredients of the recipe. Raw truffles are added at the end of cooking, cut into very thin slices or grated and accompany omelets, risotto, pasta and grilled, while cooked go well with sauces based on cream, white wine and champagne.

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Central Macedonia

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