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Mykonian Paradise 60gr

Mykonian Paradise is an aromatic tea consisting of 6 different herbs. Research has shown that the use of herbs on a daily basis contributes positively to overall health. Provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs, drinking a highly tasty and aromatic tea daily.
Mykonian Paradise contains white tea, louiza, cornflower, mountain tea, rosehip and lemon.

Health benefits and nutritional value:

Louisa:  Louisa helps to lose weight, eliminates cellulite and eliminates excess fluids from the body.
White tea: White tea is the ideal tea to lose weight and fat. It is known for its fat-dissolving action as well as for its antioxidant ingredients.
Cornflower: Cornflower helps digestion, lowers cholesterol, fights diabetes and has antipyretic properties
Mountain tea: Mountain Tea has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and antimicrobial properties.
Rosehip: Rosehip is rich in vitamins and strengthens the body’s defenses. It is also tonic, diuretic and helps with neurological disorders.
Lemon: Lemon helps balance the pH in our body, detoxifies the body, is anti-cancer, antibacterial and is rich in vitamin C.

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