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Organic Drops Greek Herbs Organic Olive Oil

A journey to windy Greek mountains and anchored, sunny islands. Traditional tavernas tucked away in hillside villages.
Tastes of garlic and dill in exceptional quality organic Greek extra virgin olive oil. Nutritional and tasteful treasures of Greek land on your plate.
Healthy Gourmet Olive oil and a full-flavored blend of garlic, oregano and dill.

Perfect for dips, yogurt sauces, vegetable salads and fish.

Awarded with a 2-stars Award at the GreatTaste2020 competition, a Platinum Award at the BerlinGOOA2021, a Platinum Award at the LondonIOOC2021 and a Gold Prize at the JOOP2021 competition.

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Awarded, Natural, Organic, Vegan


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