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Roasted & Salted Greek Pistachios 250gr

Pistachios Α+Ω, are a product of superior quality and come from private family farms. The collection is a tedious process and requires constant monitoring so that the product is what you need. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand in late August and drying in the natural light of Greek sun and air. Pistachios are one of the few foods in small quantities that have very nutrient content. A handful of pistachios is enough to cover a large amount of energy, fiber, minerals and antioxidants needed by the human body daily.

Basic Characteristics
– Collection exclusively by hand
– Peeling with the simplest way
– Drying in the traditional way under the  Greek sunlight and air.
– Unique homemade taste
– Dual protection packaging, externally with carton and internally with nylon bag
– Smart packaging with disposal bag inside
– Elegance and attractive top quality packaging 

Additional information

Product Type



Natural, Vegan




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